Meet the team: Antti Järvi

Antti Järvi is a full-stack Software Developer who joined Varian in 2020. He explains why he chose us over other companies that tried to recruit him.

What does a typical workday look like for you?

A typical day starts around 6am when I make breakfast at home. I work almost 100% remotely. I read my emails while eating and then I start the day with my team. Sometimes I work independently.

Please tell us something about your team and what you appreciate about them.

We’re mostly software developers, a couple of testers and some design people. We manage the clinician side of Varian’s software. To me a good day is working with teammates who are reliable and fun – which mine certainly are!

Why did you choose to work at Varian?

I felt like this job offered a little bit more than other software-developer jobs out there that I could get. When compared to run-of-the-mill software opportunities, the feeling of doing something that makes a difference is what brought me here.

On top of the great perks and everything this job comes with, there is also the meaningfulness of saving lives. This was not something I could find in 90% of the other companies that tried to recruit me.

Sound good? Choose Varian and help us achieve our mission of a world without fear of cancer.

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