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Varian Medical Systems and optx Corporation Announce Strategic Alliance to Offer Cancer Clinics Medical Oncology Treatment Management Software

PALO ALTO, Calif.--(BW HealthWire)--Aug. 13, 2001--Varian Medical Systems, Inc. (NYSE:VAR), the world's leading manufacturer of integrated cancer therapy systems, today announced a strategic partnership with optx corporation, a leading developer of medical oncology treatment management software in North America. Under the agreement, Varian will immediately offer cancer clinics optx proven medical oncology management software, as a VARiS MedOncology module within its Generation 6 suite of oncology information products. The new product, which will replace earlier versions of Varian's VARiS MedOncology software, will benefit comprehensive cancer care providers who deliver both radiation therapy and chemotherapy to oncology patients.

"Cancer patients often require both radiation treatment and chemotherapy to manage their disease," said Tim Guertin, president of Varian Medical Systems' oncology business. "In comprehensive cancer centers, a patient may undergo both treatments in parallel. This agreement enables us to provide our oncology care customers with an end-to-end information solution, so that patient information is readily available to better manage the course of oncology treatment. optx has developed superior software for this purpose, and it is already proven in the clinic."

Varian will immediately begin to market and distribute the optx medical oncology software as a new VARiS MedOncology product on a worldwide basis. optx will provide the installation and training for customers, as well as ongoing service and support.

Gerry Hogue, CEO of optx, commented, "Varian has the undisputed reputation in the industry as both an innovation and quality leader in integrated cancer therapy systems. optx has always prided itself in displaying those same qualities. We have been recognized as providers of the leading-edge clinical oncology management software in North America. This partnership provides us with a global reach that will extend that capability worldwide. The combination will also benefit our existing customer base as we offer them a better interface between their radiation and medical oncology systems."

Medical oncology software provides support for planning and monitoring the progress of chemotherapy treatment in oncology patients. The new VARiS MedOncology software from optx will help physicians craft chemotherapy regimens by providing standard and customizable treatment protocols. It will also enable physicians to record treatments and track results. With interfaced medical and radiation oncology management software, physicians can access concurrent clinical information to more easily manage both types of treatments. This will improve care by enabling physicians to closely monitor patient responses to combined treatments and make real-time adjustments as needed. "The optx software provides superior functionality to any medical oncology management tool available for use with radiotherapy management systems," said Guertin.

VARiS MedOncology, will be available for sale by the end of August, 2001. Varian Medical Systems and optx will showcase the software at the upcoming meeting of the American Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology, ASTRO, in San Francisco in November 4-8, 2001.

Varian Medical Systems, Inc., (NYSE:VAR) of Palo Alto, Calif., is the world's leading manufacturer of integrated cancer therapy systems as well as X-ray tubes and flat-panel sensors for imaging in medical, scientific, and industrial applications. Varian Medical Systems employs approximately 2,400 people and reported sales of $690 million in its most recent fiscal year ended September 29, 2000. For more information, visit

optx, a privately held corporation founded in 1993, provides information technology and services to the oncology marketplace in North America. Currently optx and its clinical partners help manage the treatment of more than 80,000 oncology patients. The company employs more than 100 people including physicians, nurses, computer scientists, engineers, change management consultants and client service specialists. optx clients are medical, surgical and radiation oncologists, pharmaceutical companies and organizations that conduct clinical trials.

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