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Varian Eclipse Customers Take Top Overall Spots at World Championships of Treatment Planning

PALO ALTO, Calif., March 27, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Varian (NYSE: VAR) today announced customers using Varian Eclipse treatment planning software placed the highest in the overall category in the first ever World Championships of Treatment Planning, hosted by ProKnow. In addition to the top four and six of the top 10 positions in the overall category, Eclipse customers also had the top three scoring VMAT plans.

The objective of the World Championships of Treatment Planning is to determine which planner and planning system can produce the highest quality plan in a rigorous and limited timeframe. Professionals from over 30 countries all competed at the same time and were given four hours to create treatment plans, score them online, and submit their best effort. A description of the body site, physician prescription and the plan scoring algorithm were provided to participants in advance, and plan scoring was unbiased and objective, powered by the cloud-based ProKnow system. For more information on competition and the top scoring plans, visit

Physicist Jonathan Stenbeck of Greenville Health System utilized Eclipse to win top honors in the overall category, which was a combination of plan score and dose QA. "I am honored to have been awarded the highest overall scoring plan in the first World Championship of Treatment Planning," said Stenbeck. "With a time limit of only four hours to complete and submit the plan, it was exciting, but by utilizing Eclipse I was confident I could create a high-quality plan."

"This World Championship is just the latest example of Varian customers harnessing the capabilities of Eclipse to deliver the highest quality treatment plans," said Ed Vertatschitsch, vice president, Global Portfolio Solutions, Varian. "Congratulations to Jonathan on his accomplishment and to ProKnow for creating a unique competition that allows the cancer care community to share planning techniques that could help raise the level of care around the world."

Eclipse software creates an optimized radiotherapy treatment plan based on a physician's dose instructions, and information about the size, shape, and location of the tumor to be treated with radiation. The Eclipse software incorporates unique features such as RapidPlan knowledge-based planning, HyperArc high-definition radiotherapy, multi-criteria optimization (MCO) and Graphics Processing Unit (GPUs) support, which are all important when clinics need to efficiently create the highest quality plans. RapidPlan is designed to simplify and accelerate the planning process for sophisticated cancer treatments like stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS), stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT), intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT), and RapidArc® radiotherapy. MCO allows clinicians to explore what happens when different clinical criteria are varied, such as the degree to which particular organs are spared versus coverage of the targeted tumor.

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