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Radiation Oncology Gathering Hears of Advances in Tumour Targeting (EUROPE)

May 10th, 2004--Advances in Image Guided Radiotherapy (IGRT) techniques to accurately track the motion of tumours have been revealed at Varian Medical Systems’ 10th European Users’ Meeting in Spain. Radiation oncologists from all over the world gathered in Malaga from May 5th-7th to share early experiences of using the very latest planning, treatment and verification tools to enable them to target radiation therapy delivery as accurately as possible, thereby minimising damage to surrounding healthy

Around 300 attendees heard first-hand accounts from oncologists, medical physicists and radiotherapy professionals involved in the inaugural clinical implementation of Varian’s On-Board Imager™ at the world famous Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm, along with early results of the cone-beam CT image system which was installed on an Acuity™ simulator at Norfolk and Norwich Hospital in the UK in March 2004.

In his keynote speech, Professor Yoshihiro Takai of Tohuku University’s Department of Radiation Oncology in Sendai, Japan, shared experiences of their use of an early on-board imaging system that allows real-time monitoring and tracking of moving tumour targets in patients.

The event, taking place from May 5-8th, is held every three years by Varian Medical Systems, the world leader in integrated radiation therapy solutions. Walter Frei, Varian’s VP Marketing Operations Europe, says,
“ Tumours are not stationary, unchanging objects, they move between and during daily treatments. They change position due to unavoidable day-to-day setup variations and due to normal physiological processes like breathing.

“We believe that IGRT will be of major importance to clinicians in allowing them to accurately see, quantify and compensate for any tumour motion during treatment. It’s for this reason that we have dedicated the 2004 Users’ Meeting to IGRT and we’re delighted to provide a forum for sharing clinical knowledge about this exciting new way to fight cancer.”

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