Nicole Estermann

Nicole Estermann joined Varian as Global Market Development Manager based in Switzerland over six years ago. Today, she serves as our Global Strategic Marketing Manager. “I can’t believe that it’s already been six years,” Nicole laughed. “I’ve always wanted to work in a field that matters to so many people. When you work for this company, you feel like you can actually have an impact on how care is delivered and help cancer patients.”

Nicole’s work focuses on positioning Varian's software portfolio, which is infused with artificial intelligence and insights into data, but the nature of Nicole’s responsibilities has shifted throughout her career. Initially, Nicole focused on global emerging markets. She worked closely with local organizations and governments to help them understand why cancer care is so important for their society, to secure proper funding for hospitals, and to coordinate training sessions on Varian equipment.

Nicole’s work evolved from market development and government affairs into a stronger focus on software. “This set me up to transition over to the United States,” Nicole explained. Spending two years at our headquarters in Palo Alto, California allowed her to gain more experience in an even more customer-focused position.

As Global Strategic Marketing Manager, today Nicole partners with leaders and developers of data and AI-driven solutions, and she fosters collaboration to strongly position Varian in the marketplace. “Varian should be perceived as the trusted partner for the future because we are constantly transforming to find new ways to fight cancer. I would like customers to know how we bring people, technology, and data together, and that we have the ability to connect patient and provider at all points of care. With all the different roles I’ve had so far, I can leverage my cross-functional network and connect the dots within the company to achieve our goals on a global level.”

One of the most rewarding aspects of her work is seeing the difference each team member can make. “I see so many people from around the world putting a lot of effort into improving cancer care, including access to it. I believe innovation drives everything Varian does to improve people’s lives. It is not an empty promise but truly embedded in our core business and our everyday operations. Contributing to democratizing data, analytics, and AI to help solve cancer care’s greatest challenges is very rewarding,” Nicole shared. After spending many years in the world of medical technology, she emphasizes the balance of innovation and customer- centricity.

Directly influencing the care cancer patients receive is what drives Nicole. “There’s so much more to our work than just increasing revenues. Being able to have an impact on patients is something that is so much bigger and drives you so much more…. I’ve had so many good conversations with customers, even with patients, that are amazed by what we're doing. That's what drives me every day. That's what makes me proud to work for Varian.”

Her passion is contagious, and she brings heart to her work at Varian each day. Nicole, thank you for helping us be pioneers who strive to rid the world of fear of cancer.


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Nicole Estermann