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Digital Radiography

Varian’s PaxScan® line of ultra-fast flat-panel digital X-ray image detectors are used to capture X-ray images and instantly display them on computer screens, eliminating the need for film and film processing. Varian’s panels can capture up to 60 images per second, which is fast enough to produce a moving image of a heart beating.

  • PaxScan Products
    Imaging panels are available for medical and industrial applications, including: medical diagnostics, veterinary care, dental imaging, industrial inspection, and security.
  • PaxScan CBCT Software Tools
    Varian Medical Systems’ commitment to Cone Beam CT applications spans more than 20 years. In addition to CBCT-enabling flat panel detectors and X-ray tubes, Varian is now providing CBCT reconstruction and processing algorithms in the form of an easy to use software toolkit: CBCT Software Tools, or CST for short. CST is designed for use with all Varian X-Ray fluoroscopic flat panel detectors. It comprises a suite of Windows-based software libraries which allow an OEM to quickly develop software that produces high quality CBCT images for medical, dental, or industrial applications.
  • Technology
    Varian’s amorphous-silicon flat-panel image detectors for digital radiography work by converting the X rays that strike its surface into light, and then turning the light into electronic data that a computer can display as a high-quality digital image.
  • Warranty/Returns
    Instructions for obtaining a "return materials authorization" (RMA).


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