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Varian's X-ray Products business in Salt Lake City, Utah, is the world’s premier independent supplier of X-ray tubes and digital image detectors for filmless X-rays. It's products are used in X-ray imaging equipment for medical diagnostics, dentistry, veterinary care, industrial inspection, and security.

X-ray equipment manufacturers use Varian components to supply the world with reliable systems capable of instantly producing sharp, detailed images. Varian manufactures over 20,000 X-ray tubes annually. Highly-skilled researchers and engineers devote themselves to continuous improvement of Varian’s X-ray technology-an effort that has resulted in 84 U.S. and 24 foreign patents on novel X-ray tube and detector technologies, with another 20-30 additional patents pending. Resulting innovations have included the first anode-grounded tube for faster CT scanning, an air-cooled tube for safer mammography, and digital detectors fast enough to show a heart beating.

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