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Proton Therapy | Overview

Proton Therapy | Overview

Varian Proton Therapy System - Superconducting technology for focused precision

Developments in radiation therapy over the last decade have led to many more options to treat cancer. With proton therapy, Varian Medical Systems provides an additional tool against certain types of cancer that are difficult to treat with conventional x-ray radiotherapy.

Proton therapy is an advanced form of radiation therapy that uses high energy particles (protons) instead of X-rays (photons) to deliver dose to a target volume. Protons have excellent physical properties for radiation therapy, which enable clinicians to very precisely control the shape of the dose distribution inside the patient's body. The depth of the proton beam can be precisely controlled, which means healthy tissue behind the tumor can be spared as effectively as adjacent tissue.

A typical proton therapy facility requires a dedicated particle accelerator and beam transport system that are housed in a concrete vault to shield radiation. The proton beam is transported from the accelerator to one or multiple treatment rooms via the beam transport system. Varian experts help clinics design proton therapy treatment facilities that optimize patient flow and help minimize treatment times.

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