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TrueBeam STx*

TrueBeam STx

The TrueBeam™ STx system is an innovative solution that is fast and powerful, giving clinicians the ability to navigate the complexities of cancer care with confidence, including challenging cases in the brain, spine, lung, liver and prostate.

The system uses sophisticated imaging and respiration synchronization tools to visualize soft tissue during treatment and make changes accordingly. With new beam-shaping capabilities used with the High-Intensity Mode, it enables the delivery of large doses in small places.

Now clinicians can perform radiosurgery procedures with exceptional ease and speed, with most treatments taking only a few minutes a day.

Treatment Beam Shaping

High-definition 120 Multileaf Collimator (HD 120™ MLC) with 2.5mm leaves designed for a wide range of fine beam-shaping applications.

Treatment Beam X-Ray Energies

Up to seven X-ray energies to let you tailor treatments for each patient, particularly deep-seated targets.

High-Intensity Mode

Dose rates of 1400 MU/min (6X, High Intensity Mode) and 2400 MU/min (10X, High Intensity Mode) helps maximize radiosurgical precision.

Treatment Imaging

kV Cone-beam CT (CBCT)

See volumetric soft-tissue anatomy during radiosurgery with kilovoltage 3-D cone-beam CT images.

kV Planar Imaging

2D-2D kV image pairs enable stereoscopic imaging prior to or during treatment. Pretreatment fluoroscopic imaging can be used to assess target motion just prior to treatment.

MV Imaging

See what you're treating while you're treating from the perspective of the treatment beam, to allow clinicians to directly assess tissues within the treatment beam.

Integrated Software Tools

Eclipse is a comprehensive solution for treatment planning that allows clinicians to efficiently customize treatment plans for any disease site with precision and accuracy.

RapidArc radiosurgery technology integrates seamlessly with Eclipse to enable clinicians to plan and deliver volumetric intensity modulated radiosurgery treatments.

ARIA is a comprehensive oncology-specific EMR that streamlines care delivery and prepares your practice for the future of medical information management.

Varian has teamed with Equicare Health, Inc. to introduce EQUICARE CS, an oncology-specific survivorship software solution.

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* TrueBeam STx is not available in all regions. Contact your local Varian representative for more information.

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