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The most treatment choices for the best personalized care.

Only Varian Medical Systems offers you so many imaging, planning and treatment options. Our flexible technologies–the finest and most automated in the industry–make it possible for you to customize treatment to suit any of the clinical circumstances you may encounter.

RapidArc™ Radiotherapy Technology – one revolution is all it takes

RapidArc™ Radiotherapy Technology – one revolution is all it takes

The innovative RapidArc radiotherapy technology on a Trilogy® system represents the latest evolution of cancer treatment technology, setting new benchmarks for speed, precision and patient comfort.

RapidArc uses a unique algorithm that provides unprecedented treatment delivery control. As a result, treatment plans that excel in covering target goals while sparing critical structures can be developed and performed faster than ever before.

RapidArc is efficient. Its single gantry rotation speeds treatment delivery so clinicians can develop treatments that take one-half to one-eighth the time of conventional IMRT treatments—just two minutes in many cases. A RapidArc treatment may also result in less radiation leakage and scatter, so peripheral tissues receive a lower overall dose.

Varian IGRT — The future is in motion. We'll be there to help you manage it.

Deliver IMRT without holding your breath.

Deliver IMRT without holding your breath.

While IMRT is a way of conforming dose to the target, IGRT makes it possible to account for respiration and be assured that the target is in the same position every day.

With Varian IGRT, innovative radiographic, fluoroscopic and cone beam CT modes are integrated with automated repositioning and motion management visualization software, so you can verify treatments that are synchronized with respiration.

IGRT lets you obtain high resolution, three dimensional images to pinpoint tumor sites, adjust patient positioning when necessary, and complete a treatment–all within the standard treatment time slot. With IGRT, even sophisticated IMRT and stereotactic IMRT become more efficient.

Clinical features of IGRT from Varian

Varian IMRT – Better technology at every step.

Smartbeam IMRT –  Better technology at every step.

IMRT is fast becoming the standard of care. Not all tumors are alike. Varian IMRT optimize all forms of IMRT delivery, from low resolution to high resolution. Choose the resolution you need according to each clinical situation.

IMRT "paints" dose to the tumor with pinpoint precision, while sparing healthy normal tissue. Its performance has been so impressive that clinicians around the world are using it in the treatment of nearly every type of solid tumor. Increasingly, clinics are treating patients with Varian IMRT and nearly every new linear accelerator ordered from Varian is equipped to deliver IMRT. It has proven to be an extremely effective way to treat cancer and improve patients' lives during treatment and beyond.

Clinical benefits of high resolution IMRT

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