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A new direction in cancer care

A new direction in cancer care

Trilogy combines new image-guidance technology that lets you know exactly where the tumor is at the moment of treatment, with the most focused and powerful radiation beam available.

The result is faster and highly precise treatments.

On-board imager (OBI) automated image registration tools calculate the couch offsets to automated patient repositioning.

Highly conformal dose distributions

Highly conformal dose distributions

Trilogy includes intensity-modulated beam delivery, which results in dose distributions that match the 3D shape of the target volume, including targets with concave and complex shapes.


Trilogy has been optimized for radiosurgery and radiotherapy and is designed to raise the standard of care while lowering the cost of treatment.

Both neurosurgeons and radiation oncologists can use Trilogy to treat their patients, without having to buy two separate, expensive machines.


The benefit of stereotactic approaches are generally realized with smaller lesions. As better diagnostic tools result in earlier detection, when the tumor is still quite small, stereotactic treatments are likely to play an increasing role in radiation oncology.

The Trilogy system incorporates Varian’s Dynamic Image Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT) accessories for improved treatment precision, whether using conventional, conformal, or stereotactic approaches to radiation therapy.

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