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Trilogy – Power. Precision. Versatility.

ITrilogy –  Power.  Precision. Versitility.

The new Trilogy system adds more powerful advanced motion management capabilities.

Complete with Gated RapidArc and a new open motion management interface, these tools expand the options for treating moving tumors.

Gated RapidArc utilizes the RPM system to monitor and adjust for tumor motion during a RapidArc treatment.

The open interface can also be used with third party companies to connect their devices to Varian accelerators for the purpose of monitoring motion. This interface further demonstrates the open architecture design of the Trilogy system and provides support to third party companies to monitor tumor motion in real time.

The power of Trilogy yields treatment times that are shorter, making the experience more comfortable for the patient.

The precision of Trilogy allows you to spare healthy tissues to an extent that was unimaginable only a few years ago.

The versatility of Trilogy enables treatment of a wide variety of patients using a single machine.

All In One. Best In One.

Varian offers the complete package in Trilogy:

Clinical benefits:

Varian is not trying to make you follow our process, we provide you with the number one products that will support your processes.

The Trilogy system is the first in a new generation of cancer care systems. A versatile system optimized for multiple forms of treatment, from radiation therapy to radiosurgery.

The versatile Trilogy system delivers 3D conformal radiotherapy, IMRT, stereotactic radiosurgery, fractionated stereotactic radiation therapy, and intensity-modulated radiosurgery for cancer and neurosurgical treatment.

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