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Medical Oncology

The ARIA oncology information system provides the tools you need to manage the clinical, administrative, and financial activities in your medical oncology department.

Disease management

The oncology-specific electronic medical record (EMR) is the centerpiece of ARIA. With ARIA you can design a personalized care pathway for each patient from initial diagnosis through follow-up.

Chemotherapy and other orders

ARIA manages chemotherapy, drug orders and all other non-drug physician orders.

Chemotherapy ordering:

Drug ordering:

Non-drug physician ordering:


Pharmacists can prepare mixtures before the patient arrives for treatment. ARIA’s pharmacy dispensing module enables pharmacists to prepare drugs based on expected versus actual orders.

Decision support

ARIA's decision support engine provides an additional measure of safety for patients. The system's embedded if/then logic provides decision support to a variety of tasks at the point of care. ARIA can construct and automatically apply treatment modifications based on test values, toxicity assessments and schedules. This functionality, combined with specialized protocol development features, helps clinicians manage complex patient scenarios including clinical trials.

Clinical trials

Manage the entire clinical trials administration process with embedded tools that support trial identification, execution, and protocol compliance.

Health assessment

Record, monitor and evaluate patient health throughout the course of treatment and design a personalized care plan that addresses the unique needs of each patient.

Data Collection and Analysis

ARIA collects data at the point of care and makes it readily available for outcomes analysis and reporting. Patient information is tracked from initial diagnosis throughout treatment and follow-up. Diagnosis-specific data can be examined to segment patients and evaluate long-term outcomes.

Charge capture

Record all procedures and activities performed in your department at the point of care to ensure accurate charge posting. ARIA automatically captures codes for all completed activities to enable charge and relative value unit (RVU) export, process tracking and productivity analysis.

Report generation

ARIA for medical oncology contains over 900 preconfigured, embedded reports that provide you with valuable, up-to-date information with just a few keystrokes.

Information Exchange

Improve patient care and accelerate department workflow by electronically exchanging patient data and images with other healthcare departments including pathology, radiology, pharmacy, lab and billing.

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