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Varian at ASTRO: Highlighting Software, Tools and Services that Link Minds and Enable Information Sharing

I look forward to the annual ASTRO meeting every year. It represents an opportunity for us to reflect on the importance of the work we do and the unity we have built with colleagues and customers through the years. It's only by partnering with our customers that Varian is able to develop the technologies that we exhibit at the meeting, and at ASTRO we get to talk with so many face-to-face. Each year I enjoy meeting new people in our industry as well as reconnecting with long-time acquaintances, and hearing about new ideas that often become tomorrow's leading edge oncology treatment technologies. This year, ASTRO will be particularly special for us because it's in San Francisco, our back yard, and the place where Varian started its fight against cancer even before there was a "Silicon Valley."

I am excited about sharing Varian's ideas and plans for the future. Our most important goal is to put Varian technology into the hands of people who can use it to help save lives around the world. However, we realize that technology doesn't treat patients, people do. That's why, this year, we are showcasing technologies that were developed to support knowledge sharing among oncology professionals. Varian's ASTRO exhibit this year will highlight software products, tools, and services that link minds and enable information sharing.

We realize that helping clinicians pool their knowledge and learn from each other has become an imperative. All of us are constantly looking to find ways of improving the quality of healthcare delivery. Our success is tied to our ability to turn data into usable information on how to treat patients, and then to collaborate in making that knowledge actionable in a meaningful way. We hope that many of you will have an opportunity to visit our booth at ASTRO to see firsthand what we have been creating.

Chris Toth