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ASTRO 2014: Linking Minds

At Varian, we always remember that we're creating products and tools used to treat patients with cancer. That's why we were so excited to unveil, during this year's ASTRO meeting in San Francisco, some new, interconnected software products aimed at empowering clinical teams to help improve efficiency, quality, and consistency of care in cancer clinics. Our hope is to make it possible to increase patient access to advanced types of care worldwide.

We're also pleased to have showcased a new cloud community, where users of Varian technology will be able to share information and expertise. We have been seeing a global trend toward comprehensive cancer case management that combines all aspects of oncology care, from diagnosis to survivorship. Consequently, we've been focusing our software vision and strategy on tools that help enable knowledge sharing. From RapidPlan™ for knowledge-based treatment planning to InSightive™ analytics, an interactive dashboard and data analysis tool, these technologies are designed to harness the power of data and information sharing to enhance treatment quality and efficiency.

If you didn't have the chance to see these products in action at this year's ASTRO and would like to see some of our newest knowledge-sharing software products, please contact your local Varian district manager.

Chris Toth on Informatics in Oncology

From the floor at this year's annual meeting of the American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO), Chris Toth, vice president of global marketing and Americas sales at Varian Medical Systems, talks about the latest Varian technologies and how they can help enhance knowledge sharing among oncology care professionals. In the constantly evolving healthcare landscape, learn why Varian is developing leading edge solutions designed to help clinicians leverage data to improve the quality and consistency of care.

Varian is creating a knowledge-based network, enabling clinical partners to share information, ideas, and best practices. Toth explains how InSightive Analytics, Varian's latest in a line of recently released informatics products, helps clinics dive deep into existing data in order to achieve actionable insights. Being able to explore, visualize, and aggregate critical data using InSightive can help improve operations as well as clinical care.