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Corporate Headquarters

Varian Medical Systems, Inc.
3100 Hansen Way
Palo Alto, CA 94304-1038

To send inquiries, feedback, or requests for information, please use our Feedback and Inquiries form.

Oncology Systems Customer Support Services Headquarters

660 N. McCarthy Blvd.
Milpitas, CA 95035

To send inquries or request for service, please use our service request form or dial 1-888-827-4265.

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  • X-Ray
  • Security & Inspection


North America


Varian Medical Systems Canada, Inc.
Suite 705 – 386 Broadway
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3C 3R6

Ph: 204.987.8770
Fax: 204.987.8772



Palo Alto (Corporate Headquarters)
Telephone: 1.650.493.4000
Toll Free: 800.544.4636

Milpitas, CA (Customer Support Headquarters, USA)
Tel: 408.321.9400

Corona, CA
Tel: 951.280.4401


Marietta, GA
Tel: 770.955.1367


Des Plaines, IL
Tel: 877.404.0749


Varian BrachyTherapy
Charlottesville, VA
Tel: 434.977.8495


Seattle, WA

Europe, Middle East, India & Africa (EMEA)

EMEA Headquarters

Varian Medical Systems
International AG
Hinterbergstrasse 14
CH-6330 Cham Switzerland
Tel: 41.41.749.8844
Fax: 41.41.749.8899


Varian Medical Systems
Gesellschaft m.b.H.
Liebermannstraße A01 404
A-2345 Brunn am Gebirge
Tel: 43.1.698.56.56


Varian Medical Systems
Kingdom of Bahrain
Tel: 973.17.598.900


Varian Medical Systems
Belgium N.V./S.A.
Diegem, Belgium
Tel: 32.2.720.1008

Varian Medical Systems Scandinavia A/S

Varian Medical Systems
Denmark, AS
Herlev, Denmark
Tel: 45.44.500.100


Varian Medical Systems
Finland Oy
Helsinki, Finland
Tel: 358.9.430.771


Varian Medical Systems France
Buc, France

Varian Medical Systems France
Toulouse, France


Varian Particle Therapy
Mottmannstrasse 2, D-53842
Troisdorf, Germany
Tel: 49.2241.938.4000
Fax: 49.2241.878.9344

Landgrafenstrasse 106-112, D-53842
Troisdorf, Germany
Tel: 49.2241.938.4000
Fax: 49.2241.938.4247

Varian Medical Systems GmbH
Alsfelder Strasse 6, D-64289
Deutschland GmbH
Darmstadt, Germany
Tel: 49.6151.7313.300
Fax: 49.6151.7313.313

Varian Medical Systems
Bergische Strasse 16, 42781
Haan GmbH
Haan, Germany
Tel: 49.2129.551.0
Fax: 49.2129.551.66

Varian Medical Systems GmbH
Karl-Arnold-Strasse 12, D 47877
Willich, Germany
Tel: 49.2154.92.49.80


Varian Medical Systems Hungary Kft.
Budapest, Hungary
1016 Budapest
Tel: 36.1.501.2600
Fax: 36.1.501.2601


Varian Medical Systems
International (India) Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai
Unit No 33, Kalpataru Square
Off Andheri Kurla Road
Andheri – East
Mumbai – 400 059
Tel: 91-226785 2200/ 6785 2210
Fax: 91-22-2838 5614

Suman Sil, Sales Manager, India & Bangladesh
Tel : 91-22-6785 2251/52/53
Cell : +91 98 20 66 97 55

Varian Medical Systems
International India Pvt. Ltd
Lohmanradhri Towers, 1st Floor,
No.75, Pantheon Road, Egmore,
Chennai-600008, India

Varian Medical Systems
International (India) Pvt. Ltd., Delhi
Tel: 91-11-43162108
Fax: 91-11-43162109

Varian Medical Systems
(India) Software Pvt. Ltd.
Tower XI Level 7 A & B Wing, Cybercity, Magarpatta
Hadapsar, Pune 411013


Varian Medical Systems
Italia, S.p.A.
Cernusco s/N (MI), Italy
Tel: 39.02.921.351


Varian Medical Systems
Netherlands B.V.
Houten, Netherlands
Tel: 31.30.634.0506


Varian Medical Systems
Tel: +7 495 604 44 24/23

Saudi Arabia

Varian Medical Systems
Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
Tel: 800.


Varian Medical Systems
Barcelona, Spain

Varian Medical Systems
Ibérica, S.L.
Madrid, Spain


Varian Medical Systems Imaging
Laboratory GmbH
Baden-Daettwil, Switzerland

Varian Medical Systems
International AG
Hinterbergstrasse 14
CH-6330 Cham, Switzerland
Tel: 41.41.749.8844
Fax: 41.41.740.8899

United Kingdom

Varian Medical Systems UK Ltd.
Oncology House, Gatwick Road
Crawley, West Sussex, UK
Tel: 44.1293.601.200

Asia Pacific

Asia Headquarters

Varian Medical Systems
Pacific, Inc.
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 85.2.2724.2836
Fax: 85.2.2369.4280


Varian Medical Systems
China Ltd.
Beijing, P.R. China
Tel: 86.10.8785.8785


Varian Medical Systems
India Pvt Ltd., Chennai
Tel: 91.44.829.59.60

Varian Medical Systems
India Pvt Ltd., Mumbai
Tel: 91.22.616.2301-4


Varian Medical Systems K.K.
Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Tel: 81.3.4486.5010


Kuala Lumpur Office
Tel: 60.3.2282.9989


Varian Medical Systems
Pacific, Inc.
Tel: 65.6887.0028


Bangkok Office
Tel: 66.2.513.6113

Latin America


Varian Medical Systems
Brasil Ltda.
São Paulo, Brazil
Tel: 55.11.3457.2655


Australia Headquarters

Varian Medical Systems
Australasia Pty Ltd.
Belrose, Australia
Tel: 61.2.9485.0100

X-Ray Products

To send inquiries, feedback, information requests, or questions regarding X-ray products, please use our Request Information form.

United States

X-Ray Products Headquarters

(OEM and Custom Design Medical X-ray tubes and digital flat-panel detectors)
1678 S. Pioneer Road
Salt Lake City UT 84104
Tel: 801.972.5000
Fax: 801.973.5050
Customer Service

Tel: 800.432.4422
Fax: 801.973.5050

Marketing & Product Support

Tel: 801.973.5073
Fax: 801.973.5050

For industrial tubes
Tel: 801.973.5063
Fax: 801.973.5050

X-Ray Products – Interay

(For replacement medical tubes for immediate delivery from inventory)
3235 Fortune Drive
North Charleston, SC 29418
Tel: 843.767.3005
Fax: .843.760.0079
Customer Service

Tel: 800.468.3729
Fax: 843.760.0079

Technical Support

Tel: 843.767.3005
Fax: 843.760.0079

X-Ray Products – InfiMed

121 Metropolitan Dr.
Liverpool, NY 13088 USA
Tel: 1 315-234-6800
Fax: 1 315-234-6801
Technical Support: 1 315-234-6810
Sales & Orders:
Customer Care:
24 Hour Service Center

Tel: 1.315.234.6800
Fax: 1.315.234.6801

International Offices

China - Beijing

Varian Medical Systems Trading (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
No. 8 Yun Cheng Street
Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area (BDA) Beijing 100176 China
Tel: 86.10.8785.8856
Fax: 86.10.8785.8970

China - Shanghai

Varian Medical Systems Shanghai
Central Plaza, Suite 2208
227 North Huang Pi Road
Shanghai 200003, China
Tel: 86.21.6375.8953
Fax: 86.21.6375.8010


Varian Medical Systems GmbH
Karl-Arnold-Straße 12
D-47877 Willich, Germany
Tel: 49.2154.92.49.80
Fax: 49.2154.92.49.94


Varian Medical Systems International India Pvt Ltd.
Unit No. 33, Kalpataru Square
(off Andheri kurla Road)
Andheri (East), Mumbai-400059 India
Tel: 91.22.6785.2210 or 2222
Fax: 91.22.2838.5614


Corsa Susa, 299B
10098 Rivoli, Italy
Tel: 39.011.955.03.96
Fax: 39.011.953.62.59


6F METLIFE Kabutocho Bldg.,
5-1, Nihonbashi-Kabutocho,
Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0026, Japan
Tel: 81.3.4486.5070
Fax: 81.3.4486.5069


Zutphensestraat 160A
6971 ET Brummen
The Netherlands
Tel: 31.575.566.093
Fax: 31.575.566.538


P.O. Box 38
1714 Heitenried - Switzerland
Tel: 41.26.495.32.58
Fax: 41.26.495.32.59

Contact Security and Inspection

Cargo Security Sales

Brian Howe
Senior Director of Global Sales and Marketing
Phone: +44 (0) 7917 126190
Address: Gatwick road, Crawley, West Sussex, RH10 9RG, GB

Andy Slayton
Security & Inspection Products Sales Manager Phone: 702-682-3281
Address: 6811 Spencer St., Las Vegas, NV 89119, USA

Non-Destructive Testing Sales

Chuck Stirm
Security & Inspection Products Sales Manager
Cell: 1.559.259.9533
Address: 6811 Spencer St., Las Vegas, NV 89119, USA

Industrial CT Scanning Services

Barry Smith
Phone: 1.847.279.5121
CT Lab: 1.847.279.4913
Address: 425 Barclay Blvd., Lincolnshire, IL. 60069, USA

International Security & Inspection Products Sales

Brian Howe
Senior Director of Global Sales and Marketing

Varian Security & Inspection Products Marketing

Phone: 702.938.4859
Fax: 702.938.4833
Address: 6811 Spencer Street, Las Vegas, Nevada 89119, USA
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