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Working at Varian

Varian is engaged in business activities that make an enormous difference in people's lives. This fact is often cited by employees as a major reason they regard Varian as a great place to work. The corporate culture is one of "doing well by doing good." The opportunity to improve medical diagnostics and treatment, particularly for cancer, while working in a dynamic growing company inspires many talented people to join in our mission.

  • Message from the CEO
    Varian CEO Dow Wilson talks about the company's commitment to creating an environment where valued people can succeed and achieve their potential.
  • History of Varian
    From its founding in the 1940s by the Varian brothers to its global stature today, Varian Medical Systems has grown exponentially by focusing energy on saving lives.
  • Culture
    The Varian culture is based on professionalism, pride, and teamwork. Read about the corporate values, environment, and community.
  • Awards
    Varian has won a number of prestigious awards and received numerous honors over the years.
  • Testimonials
    Read what some of the company's current employees have to say about working at Varian.


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