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FAQs About Hiring Process

Q: Are all Varian Medical Systems jobs listed on this site?
A: Yes. US and non-US jobs can be found using the Job Search link on the left-hand side of this page.

Q: How can I find job opportunities in a specific location?
A: You can search by Country, State or City.

Q: What ways can I find a job opportunity at Varian?
A: There are a few ways you can do this. There’s the common search by location, job function, job type, req ID, and of course keyword. In addition to this, we offer Job Match which allows you to search jobs by typing in free text, such as your ideal job description, or pasting your resume into a search field. Our system then searches the current job openings and provides you with the closest matches to your inquiry.

Q: If I don’t see a job that is right for me today, should I submit my resume/CV anyway?
A: Yes. By submitting your resume/CV, your information is made available to our recruiters.

Q: How can I subscribe to be notified of future openings at Varian Medical Systems?
A: You can create a Search Agent Manager after you log-in. The Search Agent Manager allows you to create, edit and run your saved searches. Saved searches can be configured to have the newest job openings based on the search e-mailed to you on a regular basis.

Q: What does it mean when I see a Varian position posted on a third-party job site (i.e., but can’t find it on Varian’s career center?
A: When positions are filled, they are removed from the Varian site immediately. The third-party job board just hasn’t updated their site yet.

Q: What is the best way to apply for a job at Varian Medical Systems?
A: There are two ways have resulted in the greatest number of hires.
1) We recommend that you apply online for the positions you are interested in. The main benefit is your information becomes available to the recruiters and hiring managers of the position and others.
2) If you know someone who works at Varian, we encourage you to reach out to him/her and ask to be submitted via the employee referral plan.

Q: Is there a benefit for working with a third-party recruiter (agency headhunter)?
A: No. We rarely use agencies for our hires and prefer and encourage anyone interested in Varian to apply directly to us online.

Q: How do I apply for multiple jobs?
A: You can reuse the personal information you already entered for prior applications by logging in and applying to each job individually.

Q: What if I forgot my password for logging in?
A: If you forget your password, click on “Forgot your password?” and the system will email you a link to reset it.

Q: After I apply to a job at Varian, what happens next?
A: You will receive an acknowledgement via e-mail, and your information will become available to the recruiter and hiring manager. They review the applicants who have applied to that job and will contact you if your qualifications are a good match based on the selection criteria.

Q: Can I speak with the appropriate hiring manager or recruiter for a job I’m interested in?
A: Unfortunately we cannot respond to each applicant individually based on the volume of interest we have. We encourage you to take advantages of the benefits of applying on-line for the positions you are interested in.

Q: As an employment agency, how can I provide recruiting services to Varian?
A: Varian rarely uses agencies and encourages candidates to apply directly to us instead of working through an agency.


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